Scheduling Lessons Caroline in Willy Wonka, Jr.

All students who wish to reserve a space in the studio must complete the registration form. Once we have had an initial free consultation and I activate your student account, students can sign up for lessons on my calendar. Spaces in my studio are limited, and once the initial consultation has been completed, paying the studio fee will secure a spot in the voice studio.

I hope you find a slot that suits you, as I have attempted to provide a variety of days/times. Please note that I do not teach on Fridays. If you do not ever see availability on a particular day, it probably means other students are coming on a regular basis at that day/time. But because I have such a large studio, lesson cancellations are frequent, and I try to re-post that slot within 24 hours so that another may have it.

If you find a slot that might work, but has a different length from what you wanted, sign up for the slot, and then include in the 'notes' or 'comments' section what length you'd like. So, for example, if you would like an hour slot, and there are two 30 minute slots back-to-back, sign up for the earlier time, or better yet, both times! If, on the other hand, you'd like to change a 60 minute slot into 30 or 45 minutes, let me know that too. I will confirm with you if that change will work with the overall schedule for that day.

Canceling Lessons

Please give 48 hours' notice if you need to cancel your scheduled lesson. This courtesy gives me the chance to offer the slot to another. I only charge a cancellation fee (the cost of the lesson) if given less than 48 hours' notice, if a student forgets to come, or if the student fails to make-up/reschedule that lesson within the next month.

If you are ill and contagious, please do not come to my house. Please do not sing if your throat hurts. And, please let me know as soon as possible if you are ill on the day of your scheduled lesson.  

If bad weather conditions occur on the day of your lesson, please stay home, but confirm with me so I know you are safe. 

Your canceled lesson will be billed to you; it will be notated with a make-up lesson credit on your account. When you schedule your make-up lesson, I will issue you your make-up credit on your account. That way we both can track the lessons taken and paid for.

If you sign up for a same-day lesson, please send me a text and email to be sure I know you are coming. I have had a few instances when a student has signed up for a same-day lesson, only to find no one home (or to walk in while I was working with someone else who had confirmed). I have felt terrible about that. My website does send me notifications when students sign up, but I do not always get them quickly--and for no apparent reason. And, I am not wed to my computer or my phone, so I do not constantly check my schedule to see if it has changed in the last 30 minutes. I always check my schedule by 8 am, however. And if I see empty slots (or Available Lesson Slot) there, I very well may run an errand during that time. Since I do not run a restaurant or hair salon, I do not feel obliged to cancel online or be home during a slot that had been available.

I plan at the beginning of each semester for how many students I will accept, based on the frequency and length of each lesson. If a student commits to taking weekly lessons, I expect that student to have 4 lessons within a month (with acceptable, predictable exceptions like performances). If a student commits to taking bi-weekly lessons, I expect that student to have 2 lessons within a month. I budget based on these parameters.

I will make-up or refund any lesson that I cancel. Because of my own children and their occasional unexpected needs, my own professional singing commitments, or my sponsorship of students in a competition, I may need to reschedule lessons. I will do my very best to keep these exceptions to a minimum.

Summer Lessons

I continue to teach during the summer months and after the June 2020 recital. The summer semester begins the last week of June 2020. Although no summer recital takes place, it is a good time to refine and even accelerate technical progress or to try out new styles and repertoire.


Except in certain circumstances, parents are not invited inside the studio during students’ lessons.  Kings Park Library, grocery stores, Lake Accotink, & a coffee shop are nearby. Parents and spouses of students can be helpful coaches by praising effort, teaching consistency and showing personal enthusiasm and love for music!

If you have questions or concerns, please call between 9:00 am and 9:30 pm. I look forward to working with you!