Music Theory Lab

As a way of helping each of my students to become better musicians, I have established a music theory/ear training lab. The lab--with computer, keyboard and headphones--is set up in the room adjacent to the music studio. Students set up their own accounts and can track their own progress. Students can choose to work on music reading, rhythm reading, sight singing, harmonic dictation, etc. I make suggestions to each student about which aspect of theory to work on, but in general this is a self-study program. Students may choose to come early to their lessons and work. They may stay after their lessons to work. And certainly, if anyonhas to wait for me to begin his/her lesson, the music lab will be available, so no time has to be wasted. There is no additional lab fee. I hope this will be a welcome benefit to my students--especially to those who yearn to perform better at sight-singing auditions or on required music theory tests given in chorus classes or on college music school entrance exams.