Studio Recitals 

I sponsor two recitals—one in the winter and one in late spring—with rehearsals held in advance, usually at my studio. Students  are encouraged to take advantage of performing opportunities outside the singing studio for which the teacher and student mutually feel s/he is prepared. My next studio recital will be in the Winter 2019-2020. 

June 2017 Spring Recital (filmed and edited by Greg Nichols)

Recital Fees

Assuming the student is musically prepared and has been taking regular voice lessons (at least twice a month) all students have the option to sing in the winter and/or spring recitals. The fee to sing a solo and other songs in the recital is $90 per recital. The recital fee covers the cost of renting the church facility (which is $250+) and the accompanist's fee ($50 per singer) for rehearsal and performance. It also helps reduce the administrative costs associated with planning the program, running the dress rehearsal, organizing the repertoire, setting up and taking down of equipment the day of the recital, copying the music for the accompanist and singers, and printing costs of music and programs. A full refund will be issued to any students who have scheduling conflicts with a given recital date.


 Singing Competitions

These wonderful opportunities allow students to perform specific repertoire before a judging panel. Participants will receive a score and comments from the judges. Performing in these events gives singers performing skills and confidence--experiential skills invaluable for life.

Students wishing to participate must meet certain criteria for each event and pay various participation fees. Each participant will find out in advance the time frame s/he needs to attend the event and the approximate time of his/her performance. Generally, students do not need to attend the entire event, but are welome to.

Results are announced or posted the same day, depending on how the competition is run. In each event, honors are awarded to those scoring at least a 90 out of 100. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place monetary awards are given in each category. 

During the 2019-2020 academic year, my voice studio will participate in three singing award events:
1) The 3rd Annual Musical Theatre Judged Competition, sponsored by the Northern Virginia Music Teacher's Association, at the Women's Club of Arlington, VA on Sunday, November 10, 2019.

The cost to participate in the NVMTA fall competition is $125, broken down:
  • $25 registration fee to NVMTA 
  • $50 to pianist for rehearsal and performance 
  • $50 studio fee for scheduling, pianist rehearsal and administrative time to coordinate participation

2) The National Association of Teachers of Singing State Conference and Adjudications at Old Dominion University in Norfolk on Saturday, February 15, 2020. All NATS adjudication events require teachers to volunteer as judges in order to enroll students as participants.

Students compete in classical and/or musical theatre categories, grouped by age and gender. Several changes have been implemented to be more inclusive for gender and to reflect current trends in musical theatre repertoire. For details, check out the website.
(Those earning an honors rating are invited to compete at the next round at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference and Adjudications held on Saturday, March 14, 2020 at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. Whether my studio will be able to compete at the regional level depends on my availability to travel and judge at the event.)

The cost to participate in the NATS competition is 
$150, broken down:

  • $25 registration fee to state chapter of NATS 
  • $50 to pianist for rehearsal and performance
  • $75 studio fee for scheduling, pianist rehearsal and administrative time to coordinate participation

Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association Logo3)  The NVMTA Voice Achievement Awards at the Women's Club of Arlington, VA on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. Students compete in classical singing only and are grouped by age.
The cost to participate in the NVMTA fall competition is $125, broken down:
  • $25 registration fee to NVMTA ​
  • $50 to pianist for rehearsal and performance 
  • $50 studio fee for scheduling, pianist rehearsal and administrative time to coordinate participation